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Oil Leak 1989 Softail Custom

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I have an oil line routing question. My softail started dumping out oil from one of the lines coming from the crankcase/oil pump. I have accounted for the lines (2-Filter, Main feed, Oil Tank vent). However the last line that is shown in the diagram (crankcase vent) as leading to the air filter is only about 5-6 inches long and hangs down between the frame and the shocks. That is the line that is leaking. Where does that route to or connect to?


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Normally that line would vent A\C. As shown in your diagram. You may have an aftermarket filter with no place to route it to.
Or the previous owner, if you are`t the original, did that, as many do to prevent it from blowing oil mist back in through the carb. An EPA regulation.
A few drops on occasion are`t unusual. The oil mist from the crankcase eventually builds up enough that the cling factor stops, drops form and gravity takes over.
I have an S&S carb. There is a nipple there that has a cover on it. The reason it raised an eyebrow was because there was a puddle under my bike. Not a drip or two like you said. That line was the culprit. I have ridden the bike in a couple of weeks.

What are the pros/cons of hooking up the line on the AC?
As stated. It will route the oil\mist you now see back through the carb, into the motor and it should burn off during normal engine operation.

On my old Shovel I ran an S&S. Bought a fancy chrome PVC car filter and put it on the end of the hose.
On my 98 Evo, it routed as intended through an aftermarket 42mm Mikuni.
Not sure how I will end up routing it on my current scoot yet.
What was your old shovel? I had a '71 FLH that I am kicking myself to this day for gettin rid of...
What was your old shovel? I had a '71 FLH that I am kicking myself to this day for gettin rid of...
83 80" FXWG. The last of the Shovels.
Yep. Sure miss that bike. Had character.
Bought it brand new in 84. Had it for 13 years. Put over 100,000 miles on it. Only one top end job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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