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Oil, Trans & Primary Fluid Change

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Just got my first H-D. 2003 FXSTS/I back on Memorial day and I plan on changing fluids from Conventional to, RP 20/50 Max Cycle for oil and Primary and using Red Line for the trans. I found what looks to be like 4 drain plugs I think. Primary on bottom left side, Oil 5/8'' socket on frame (bottom) Towards rear tire, and Two 1/2'' plugs w/a (1/4'' Hex Key). One mid way of engine and the other towards the front of the engine. One is for the Trans I think, what's the (other one for)? I'm stumped here. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks a Ton!:thanks
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A manual is a good thing. It will tell you want you want to know. The one closer to the rear is trans.
Thanks' FritzHD, I appreciate the info. Service Manual #99482-03 is on my immediately get list. Yes that 4th plug threw me a little bit Ha! Nice line up of Bikes you have.

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