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Old Dreams, New To H-D and To the Forums

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Hi all!

When I was eight years old, I had no second thoughts about the fact that I would have a Harley when I grow-up. As grown-ups do have second thoughts, especially financial ones, this dream did not come true during the next 52 years. However, I have been lucky enough to own half a dozen motorcycles, one at a time, ranging from 50 to 1000cc. Besides countless tours in and around my native land, Turkey; I traversed the entire continent of Europe on two wheels, both ways, for making a wonderful tour of the UK, including Scotland, up to Aberdeen. This was a 22.5K kilometers (14K miles) trip. On another occasion, I traveled-over half of the continent of Europe on two wheels, both ways, for making an unforgettable tour of Germany, covering its entire periphery (West Germany at that time) with some inland excursions. This was a 15K kilometers (9.4K miles) trip. I reckon I would have enjoyed many more trips, if life had not compelled me to sell my bike. This was 22 years ago. Since then, I never owned one.

Now, however, at the age of 60; I am not only able to return to a lifestyle that embraces a motorcycle but also, I can cherish my inner child. He convinced me to buy him a brand-new Harley Davidson. I said: why not? Then, I asked: which one? It is only after the latter question that I realized I had no clue on which particular Harley model I have been dreaming of for more than five decades. All I knew was that this dream does echo with an image that was engraved on the heart of a boy in early sixties.

I listened to my inner voice. Such a memory recall session revealed that my Harley should definitely have a round, large and deep chrome headlamp between two smaller chrome lamps, from which chrome turn signal lights hang down. This triple headlamp configuration or, if considered together with the turn signal lights; this quintet of illumination represents the opulent presence of a Harley Davidson in my eight years old mind. Also definitely, my Harley should have a giant yet simple and basic clear windshield. All these should be fixed to the bike with beefy, chrome plated brackets. The transversal windshield trim (the chrome strip parallel to the ground) is a must have. The front fender with round outer edge and angular inner edge should definitely be an imposing cover over and around the white-wall front tire which is mounted on a laced wheel. Needless to say, the rims and spokes should all be chrome plated. The hard saddlebags must mimic the ones from the sixties. At this point, I don’t know why the saddlebags should rather not be leather. For some reason that has nothing to do with convenience; they must definitely be hard saddlebags in order to match the image that was embedded in my young memory. Finally, since a Harley is in question; it should definitely have a two-tone paint scheme.

The Road King Classic proved to be abundantly close to what I was looking for. As the dealer is kind enough to offer me color-matched hard saddlebags and a tallboy seat at no extra cost, I will place my solid order for a White Hot Pearl/Blue Hot Pearl RKC, next week, for delivery in January 2015. I am still trying to figure out whether this will be a present form a 60 years old man to an eight years old boy, or vice-versa. In either case, kudos to Harley Davidson for accepting to deliver the goods in 2015, based on a virtual order that was designated in 1963.

I am sure I will enjoy these forums as much as I will enjoy my new Harley.
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Welcome from Kentucky. I also did not have a bike for about 32 years then, in 2009, at age 62, I bought a new Harley. Took me 3 Harleys in 4 years to figure out which one was the "right" one but figure it out I did! And no regrets whatsoever--I'm sure you will feel the same after getting yours.

Ride safe.
Congrats! Sounds like you know exactly what you want. :thumb
Welcome from North Texas
One hell of a first post...:thumbsup:thumbsup:biker:
Welcome from Conway, SC. Congratulations on your new Road King.
Great first post!! Welcome from New Hampshire :)
Welcome from Oregon , GREAT intro and pics when you get the RK home
Welcome from New York! It's a good thing to feed your inner child. Makes you both happy.
My wife and I are both riding again with new Harleys and lovin' every minute of it.
A very nice intro. Welcome from Kansas
Welcome aboard from Mississippi. Great story and excellent choice with that RK.
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Sounds like you've won! Congrats and welcome to the forum.
Great story, enjoy your new bike. When it comes in be sure to post some pics of it. Welcome from Ohio.
She sounds like a beauty, I'm riding a 2014 FLHR, black with white walls, laced wheels, hard bags. You're going to love the Road King.
Welcome from College Station, TX

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Thank you all for your warm welcome messages. The multitude of the States from which you have kindly posted seems to make another old dream of mine fidget: touring in the USA with my own bike (no rental), including at least coast to coast travel but hopefully quite more than that.

I am amazed by how this Harley motivates me but I will return to this lifestyle with much smaller steps than that. I wonder if I will ever take such a big step, eventually. Anyway, I am planning to place my solid order tomorrow and even this is more exciting than I would have expected. I will need some time for getting accustomed to such an old dream becoming true.

Thanks again for the warm welcoming folks. You have my word for the pics when my Harley rumbles.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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