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I'm all smiles. My bike is finally ready. It has only been a little over 3 weeks.
Towards the first of the month, the Wife and I rode up to Nuevo Laredo for a small rally. While there, we passed over to the Texas side to get the 40K mile maintenance done on the scoot.
The dealer tore into the bike and found that the cam chain tensioners were bad. (no surprise there, as that was the main reason I brought it in when I did. I just had that feeling.)
Anyway, they also discovered that the threads for the exhaust studs were stripped out and one stud was turning in the head and would not come out at all. (The product of a Mexican expert HD mechanic!:bat)
There's more, everybody knows that stuff happens in 3's:
Once the heads were pulled it showed that the mixture was running way too lean and the rear piston was burned.
Anyway, despite the mechanic and service manager coming in to try and get the bike going on a Sunday, we knew it just wasn't gonnna happen and decided to leave the bike to be repaired without a rush and travel the 1000 km back home.
One bus ride (2 hrs) to Monterrey and a short plane ride to Veracruz and we were back home searching thru the HD catalogs.
We decided to go with all HD/SE parts because of the time and warranty policy of the dealer.
I just wanted my ride back quick and running good with no half assed measures take that would affect the reliability.
Anyway, we ended up with the 95" stage II kit with the 203 cams, along with the SE billet heads and compression releases. This is one of the most aggressive combinations for the 203's that they list in the catalog. It should end up with about 10-1 compression.
I am not too worried about the compression because, contrary to popular belief, the gas sold in Mexico seems to be a little better than what is available in the US. (No alcohol added!) The trick is to find gas that is not contaminated.:eek:
This, along with the previously installed SE 2 into 1 exhaust and SE Heavy Breather air filter with Race Tuner should make some decent low end torque.
I figured that if the compression ratio turns out to be something that I can't live with, I can always send the stock heads off to Dewey's and later on Flea-bay the SE ones.
This will at least get me going for now.
Can't wait to try the new build as it should be a big difference over the previous "lean burn" 95".:ride
Wife and I are leaving tomorrow for Laredo and plan to drive from Laredo to McAllen on the Texas side.
Just in case something should happen with the new engine, I would prefer it to happen Stateside.
Sorry for the long rant!
Will post up on how the trip when when we return.

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Hey that is not a rant but an adventurous story. Let us know how you make out.

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Made it back! I'm in the 100 club!

Wow! What a trip.:D
Left out of Veracruz at 05:00 and drove like the wind to get to the border.
Got into Laredo to the HD dealer the next day and picked up the bike.
We decided to head over to McAllen, Tx. for the shake down run. I figured that if anything was to go wrong with the new build,:eek: I would rather have it happen in the US than Mexico. It's a little easier to get a wrecker and find a dealer in the States.
I had already called ahead to arrange for the new exhaust to be installed and some dyno time to tune everything in.
Was very surprised when after about an hour the tech walked out and handed me a dyno graph. Max HP: 87.07, Max Torque: 94.32.
I thought that these were pretty good numbers. The tech then told me that this was the baseline run, he wasn't thru yet.:D
He then proceeded to flog the beast on the dyno for a few more hours trying to get the air/fuel ratio set correctly.
To make a long story short, we ended up with 91.52 HP and 101.38 ft/lbs of torque.:dance
But the real difference is when you get the beast out on the road. No more hot running and power like nothing else. This thing pulls harder than my 1200 BMW.:eek:
Initally, I was leary of using all SE parts, but in the end, I am very happy with how it turned out.
It's a new bike.;)

Ride free, Ride Safe,
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