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Where do you all carry your registration and other important papers on your bike? Always had touring bikes that had locking storage? Hate to carry them in wallet. Any suggestions?
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Suggestion: Seal papers in a zip loc bag and duct tape bag underneath your seat.
Other than an insurance card what do you "have" to carry? Card fits in my wallet and I also have a picture of it on my phone. Could take a pic of your "papers". Dunno?
Other than an insurance card what do you "have" to carry? Card fits in my wallet and I also have a picture of it on my phone. Could take a pic of your "papers". Dunno?
In Va required to have insurance papers, registration and inspection papers. Just hate carrying them in wallet. Was just looking for something simple.
I read where one guy had his papers rolled up in a small diameter pipe with threaded ends and caps which is then duct taped somewhere. Or tack welded but with the cap easy to get to.
With all the road checks where I live would be great if they were very easy to get to.
In WA, we have to carry the current registration, proof of insurance, and any access document (Discover Pass, in this case). I have a document envelope and keep it in the saddlebag. But, I'l thinking about one of those round billet document tubes or something.

I'm still looking. Whatever it is must provide an easy access to the documents, but still keep them secure.
License, registration & ins. card in my wallet.
Wow! In Texas, you have to carry your registration papers in commercial vehicles but not private. I like the idea of a tube attached to the frame. I'd hate for one of my buddies to slip some oregano in a Baggie in there just for fun.
I read somewhere that in Iowa that would accept a digital proof of insurance and believe they were going toward it for registration. I don't know this for fact. I would be reluctant to give the law my phone and don't know if you gave it to them if they could then "search" it. Other than that I put it in the top of my helmet in a zip lock baggy.
I laminate a copy of my registration and insurance card and put that in a ziploc with my inspection sticker. I keep the ziploc in a toolbag mounted on my front forks.

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Windshield bag. Extra sunglasses, snuff, church key, knife , flashlight, etc.
mine are in my walet.. my scoot has open frame tubes at bottom near rear wheel ...could roll them up in a zip lock baggy and stuff them in there (use a drill an drill small hole in tube that way u can put a pin in there so the baggy wont fly away) or the end of handle bars is a good spot too.....or a tube plugged at both ends stuffed in the fuel tank......or or or or or ...ok im done
I use a bank teller bag to carry my registration as well as my wallet, phone, reading glasses, plus a few other things; (insurance card stays in the wallet). The teller bag is a great way to group all of the small items that I need and goes with me every time that I get on the bike. I put it in the saddlebag. I take it into the house when I finish riding. You can find the teller bag at any office supply store or even Wallyworld.
stash tube. can be attached behind the license plate or to a downtube
Just need insurance card so I keep it in wallet. But what about a baggie an one of those leather bags on the front forks?
I have one of these tubes that I bought for a softail I no longer have. Paid 159.00 +tax will sell to you for 75.00 if you want it. I can find a catalog link if needed.


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I keep all my stuff in a zipp lock bag in my windshield bag.
All paper work placed in zip-lock bag and carried in the inside zippered pocket of my vest.
In the document holder in the tour pak:cool:
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