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Passenger seat pads

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Anyone have any experience good or bad about extra padding for the passenger butt? I had the factory seat redone with butt buffer and leather but it still is not enough for my wife, she has tailbone issues and we need to get it addressed.
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Sounds like she needs an Ish Dish like what is in a wheelchair. It's a full width pad and the area where the tailbone is would be hollowed out so it doesn't put pressure on the tailbone. Don't know if they make them for motorcycles
Tell your ol lady to eat more ice cream and candy bars. cheaper than gettin a seat redone. Just kiddin man but Im pretty sure ive heard of some guys have had their seats redone with gel or something, they say its really comfortable for the passenger. Im sure that make comfy pads as well. good luck
Thats why there is a pillow top seat set-up. :)

Thats what I have on both FLHTCUI's . :thumbsup

Need to check out "Butt Buddy Seat" It's designed to relive pressure off the tail bone. Just Google it.
Classic is right. I bought a "Butty Buddy" for my O/L. Best $100.00 I ever spent.
Any seat time used to be brutal on her. Now she can ride all day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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