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Performance settings

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I have an 07 FLTR with a 96ci. Have a screamin Eagle are cleaner and two into one exhaust. Bought it used, so not sure if the cams are still stock. Runs really well with plenty of low end torque. Bought a Screamin Eagle race tuner and am looking for a good baseline tune to put in it that would get me close for now. No dyno's near where I am. Planning a major upgrade next year, but want more power till them. Thanks
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Since the bike is running "really well" and plenty of torque, leave it alone until you "upgrade" You've got a good running bike and without a dyno, and or a lot of know how and experience, you're better off as you are.
Just a guess but if it did not already have a tuner included you probably have the stock cams in it right now. No one really has a quick flash for AC, pipes, and random cams that would be close enough.
You could install the cams and get a tuner then dyno tune now. Maybe you will be happy and be able to skip the more expensive up grades later?
It sounds like it has aftermarket cams in it, but without opening it up I don't know for sure or the size of cams. I already have the programer and was thinking it might get a little better performance. Going to big bore and add compression with bigger cams and lots of head work and well as Reinhart true duals. Shooting for at least 125+ hp. Thanks for the input. Will probably wait and do it all at one time.
Right on.
If your heading for big power later, then save your money and do it all then.:thumbsup
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