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Open bed pick up traveling Pittsburgh to Bakersfield Early/Mid August

I will be driving from Pittsburgh Pa. and or State College, Pa. to SoCal/SoCentral California early to mid August and have room for 1 bike in the bed of my pick up. (I am delivering a sportster from California to Pittsburgh in July, and would like to haul a bike on the return. I have done this in the past.)

I offer this as a way only to help pay for my fuel and travel. I do not do this commercially or for a living. I have a front wheel mount bolted to the bed frame, and all the necessary tie downs and locking security. This is an open bed, so it will be exposed to the elements. If you are very fussy or hard to please about a little road dust or rain, this is not for you.

I can provide a dmv printout, proof of insurance, and Ca. Driver license. My requirements are proof of ownership of vehicle, proof of insurance as 1st payee, and some one to assist in loading and unloading vehicle. Paypal, cashiers check, or cash.

S-10 4x4 PU w/4.3 Vortex tow vehicle.

Will negotiate price according to distance and convenience to planned route, I70 to I40 to Ca. 58 to Bakersfield area. I can also transport parts such as engine/tranny, frames etc.

I can be contact through the forum or [email protected].

Stephen Jones
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