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police bike

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hi all I need to know how to change controls and switches housings to chrome make like reg. road king does anyone no the part numbers and its 08 103 police bikeit will be a big help if someone knows what I need thank you all I have the hard bags I will give them to anyone that can use them free you pay postage
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There are a few members here that have the police model Road Kings so maybe they will have a little additional insight to your questions. I have not heard of anyone changing out the controls and switch housings on the police models but I would not be surprised to discover that someone decided to do it. Some owners really want to get rid of the red buttons that are unique to the FLHP. To accomplish the change to chrome, you can use the "regular" Road King parts but will have to make some wiring changes since the FLHP has a few different buttons and toggles than civilian models. Another source for you to look at is Welcome to Retired Police Bikes. They have a tremendous amount of information and I bet someone on that forum has attempted the changes that you are asking about.
Best thing to do is get a Harley Davidson Service and parts manual .
They have the part numbers and then you can shop for what you need . Then you would have a bunch of parts that won't fit .

Welcome to the Forum
The Police Supplement manual. It has the wiring diagrams.
I have an '09 FLHP and have switched housings over to regular housings. I don't remember it being any big challenge.

I will take the bags.

I will trade you a set of supplemental manuals for the police bike.

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