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I have a 2007 Heritage Softail and am writing this in hopes that it will give an idea to someone in my same situation when installing tapered port exhaust gaskets without destroying them.
Yes, I know there are special tools you can buy, but after reading hudreds of posts and viewing even more U-Tube videos of "Best method to install tapered Port Gaskets", I had some quiet time with the bike and in the corner of my eye I see a pair of dumbells with a large retainer nut.... and it has the same taper as the gasket.

I took the nut off of the dumbell and placed the tapered port gasket on it....Holy Crap !!! it fit perfecty and the angle of taper was dead-on without any gaps.

The large dumbell retainer nut has a star-shaped base which fits perfectly between the studs on either side of exhaust port.
UNBELIEVABLE; 4 light taps and it was in & seated properly.
The other cilynder was just as easy and I think this would work on most harley exhaust ports.

I searched and have never seen or heard anything on the web about this strange but really effective method. This was written solely in hopes of helping at least one person out.

My 2 Cents

C.Z. Brat
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