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Primary Noise '13 Ultra

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Gents, here's the back story. My brother in law has a 13 Ultra adn I have a '14 Limited. Last month we knocked out the 10,000 miles service on both our bikes. We ran into an issue of pulling the Derby Cover on his bike and I had to go get the correct size Torx Drive from my house. So he ended up finishing the service himself. The one thing he didn't do was adjust the clutch. Figured he would get to it later in the week or the next weekend. Couple days later he noticed a noise from the primary getting louder. Carried it to the dealer they told him clutch was out of adjustment $35 and 2 days later still has a little bit of noise but not as bad. Noise keeps playing with his head, "world is falling apart," decides to try for a '14. Goes to a different dealer, sales guy says "hey your bike doesn't sound right," so I'm sure you can image how my brother in law is feeling at this point. So they can't work the deal he decides to let this dealer work on it. After a week they tell him it's the compensator have it replaced and he's back on the road. 200 miles later primary is knocking. Carries it to another dealer and they think the bearings are coming apart. WTF is going on with service departments. So the acual question now, Is there anything else he needs to have them look at? At this point what does he need to know to gain the trust back in his bike? They said they would pull it all apart and check everything but both of us being new to Harley not really sure what that means. Thanks for your help guys
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This is a good argument to get the extended warranty ... just saying.
One thing that can get noisy is the auto chain adjuster. They make noise just prior to when they notch up tighter. Normal condition.
Yeah I totally agree with the extended warranty. I made sure to get it when I picked up my bike. He did not get it on his but he still have a year left on factory warranty. Does the auto chain adjuster knock?
The adjuster doesn't, the chain does. I've never been a fan of the H-D auto adjuster either. It doesn't compensate for chain stretch or a tight spot in the chain, it always adjusts to the loosest spot in the chain. Then the tight spot is over tight.
SO the dealer called my brother in law yesterday and told him they couldn't find anything wrong in the primary so they were going to put it back together and he could come get it. Didn't look any further than that. And this is after 2 service techs from the dealer heard the noise. I have to say it's pretty hard to justify spending 25k for a bike and the dealers not wanting to fix a problem that everyone around can hear and say it doesn't sound right.
If it is the Extended Warranty then any qualified shop can perform the work, once they have the green light.
Still under factory warranty. He's only had it a little over a year and only has 11,000 miles on it
Then ya might wanna take it somewhere else... Hope you get better service else where

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Yeah he is on the third dealer in this area. One more then I'm not sure where to go from there. Might just have to be an ass and force one of their hands
You could also place a call to H-D Customer Service. That's what they're there for.
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