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Progressive 944 ultra low

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Has anyone tried these yet? If so, feedback would be appreciated. Website says they are 12.5 that sit at 11.
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anyone? anyone? Has to be more vertically challenged riders out there other than myself.
I'm shocked at how much regular 944's lowered my king. I can't imagine ultra lows.
I would love to take advantage of lowering my bike another inch, but absolutely cant sacrafice ride quality. I cant find reviews anywhere...but did manage to find a seller on ebay $500 shipped.
I will tell you that there is a huge difference in ride quality. The progressives are much stiffer.
I have the progressives on my SG and its way better than the factory air shocks. bumps have smoothed out. not as sharp of a hit .
I talked to the progressive tech today. He said the ultra low is for looks rather than performance and I will be disappointed. I think I will try to find some used 944s. Some like them and others dont. Those that do not care for the 944s swear by shocks built by howard.
I installed the 944's on my 14 Ultra, I love them. I did a 600 mile ride to Northern Maine last weekend where the roads are pretty bad, I have no regrets and I would recommend them. By the way after adjusting the sag, it ended up being 1" lower than the stock Air Shocks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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