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On the way home from work yesterday and pulled into Walmart parking lot, when I applied the I heard what sounded like a slapping noise. When I let off the brake it stopped. Parked went in a got what I needed.

I had a short ride to my apartment from there and when I left the ABS light was on, but brakes still worked.

I shut off the when I stopped to pick up my mail. When I got back on the ABS light was off but still hearing the slapping noise when I apply the rear firmly. I also feel a slight pulsing through the rear brake pedal even when applied slightly.

The ABS still seemed to work when I applied the brake quickly and hard.

Pads were replaced about 6 months ago and brakes bled at the same time, flushed the brake system about a year ago.

Pulled the rear caliper off and made sure all 4 cylinders were working, they are. I bled all 3 brake cylinders and didn't appear to be much air, if any. The ABS function still seems to function when I slam on the brakes (both rear and front).

However, the master cylinder was low on brake fluid (couldn't see any indication of a leak)..but I don't think enough to cause air into the system, but can't be sure. Let's say some air got into the ABS module, would that cause the pulsating I'm feeling when I press the rear brake pedal? It happens even when I just softly apply the brake. It doesn't do it when the ABS fuse is pulled.

When I pull the ABS fuse, brakes work as normal without ABS no pulsating.

The front brake doesn't do it, only the rear. Are the front and rear ABS system totally separate?


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