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Question about wiring a simple unit to my bike (Doran TPMS)

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I'm not a big wiring guy, but am buying a Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System and it looks pretty easy to wire it in to my bike. I have a 2012 Electra Glide Ultra Limited.

The manual says to connect the red wire (positive) to a 12 volt connection and the black (negative) wire to a good ground connection. It is fused internally so I don't need to worry about that.

So there are 2 ways I'm thinking about connecting it and I don't know how to go about doing it. But I want to learn more about wiring.

I do have the Service Manual for my bike.

The first way I was thinking about doing it is connecting it to the ACC (Accessory) switch that is on my dash. I guess that way I can turn it on or off from that switch, if I want to. Looking at the "connectors" appendix in my service manual, I found something that says "P&A Accessory." I assume that is the connector that leads to the ACC switch, although I'm not 100% sure. For type says "4-place Deutsch DT Sealed (BK)" and that it's under the seat. So does this mean that under the seat there will be a connector that has an open spot where I can connect both wires (in 2 separate places obviously)?

The second way I was thinking was to wire it directly to the battery, so it always has power. I don't think I'm going to go this route because it would slowly draw juice from the battery and if I left the bike sitting for too long without being on a battery tender I wouldn't be able to start my bike. But some people I've seen recommend constantly keeping it powered up so you can instantly see the tire pressure when you turn the bike on (otherwise there is a 6 minute delay with the Doran).

So, how would I go about wiring it directly to the battery? Is there some kind of wiring harness that I buy that connects directly to the battery (kind of like a battery tender pigtail), and I then run the wires from the Doran unit to the pigtail?

I realize I'm showing my wiring ignorance here, but I've always wanted to get smarter about wiring so I don't always have to rely on somebody else to do wiring for me. So I figured this is a simple project for me to start learning. I'm fairly mechanically self sufficient in other things so am a quick learner.

Thanks for any help.

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Can you give us a link to the product you bought?? It may have some wiring requirements in the directions, although I doubt it, but it should tell us the amount of current it draws.

Does it have a display? ?
Yes, it has a simple display. Here is a link to the TPMS.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems by Doran

Here is a link to the manual, where I got the verbiage from.

Inside the fairing you'll find an orange/white and a black wire taped to the headlight harness that can be used for power. Those will supply power whenever the ignition is on.
Inside the fairing you'll find an orange/white and a black wire taped to the headlight harness that can be used for power. Those will supply power whenever the ignition is on.
This would easiest.

But, if you want to use the switched circuit under the seat, that would work as well. If you do, you can buy a pigtail with the mate to that plug so you don't have to splice into the main wiring harness.
The directions say to wire it to a "switched source", that has power when the vehicle is turned on. It says you can wire it battery direct as well, but to keep an eye on your charge level.

Personally, I would wire it in switched. It updates all errors and messages within 6 minutes of start up.

Schmidtys method will be the less painful, as the wires are already there for a low voltage accessory. One of the ends will have a 90deg wire end on it. And will provide a quick easy install, and may facilitate hiding the wires inside the fairing as well.

If you don't feel like pulling the fairing, (I'm not sure where you are mounting the display), as Chasarms pointed out, the plug is easy access as well. But to run the wires cleanly, pulling the tank would be necessary.
Thanks for the advice. So if I decide to wire it inside the fairing, which I think I will do, then would you suggest that I just find the wires Schmidty mentioned, take off a little bit of the shielding, wrap the appropriate wires together, then use electrical tape? Or what connection method would you recommend?

And from the side of the unit, I would have 2 wires coming out of the unit, I assume. Any good place to route those through the fairing so they're not visible?

Those wires I mentioned already have spade connectors on them, just crimp spades to your wires and plug them in.
You will either want to crimp ends on, or solder ends on. Anything else will fail. Use shrink tube if you can. Never just wrap wires together, and use tape, it WILL fail.

Crimp ends will fail as well, if you don't use the appropriate size ends, for the gage of wire, and the wrong tool.
Inside the fairing you'll find an orange/white and a black wire taped to the headlight harness that can be used for power. Those will supply power whenever the ignition is on.

Found this plug a few weeks ago.... Used it for another purpose but this wires are perfect for 12v low draw application.

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