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Question on bluetooth and Harley

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I have a 2014 Ultra limited that has Bluetooth capabilities. I also have a SENA SMH5 dual on my spare helmet that I use to communicate with my wife when she rides her bike. Now the Question is it possible to use my SENA SMH5 to communicate with my Bike and listen to the radio and directional prompts AND also communicate thru the CB on the bike. I would like to be wireless with the bike but still have all the current capabilities that I have with the wire.

Is this a stupid question or just wishful thinking.
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Wishful thinking. The H-D Bluetooth configuration currently does not support voice or audio. We are all praying to the H-D Gods to come to their senses.

Thanks, Wrgiacona...it's nice to know folks actually read some of my techno-babble ?.

I think the most direct link to the post is here: http://www.harley-davidsonforums.com/forums/2845489-post.html It describes the pairing sequence (a one-time procedure), power-up sequence and how to make/receive calls.

Someone has come out with a harness that adapts Sena's SM10 to (allegedly) allow two-way functionality, but it means buying an SM10, the harness, installing, pairing it with the SMH10s, and testing...and that eats up the second BlueTooth channel...so you'll likely lose the Universal Intercom feature if you want to talk to a non-Sena intercom on another bike.

Admittedly my solution is a work-around for phone access and does not address the CB...the real, final solution is for the MoCo to pony up and release a software update that adds Headset Profile to the Boom BlueTooth stack.

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When I was at the Orlando bike show the Sena dealer claimed that Sena was going to come out with a "GIZMO" that you would plug into the port for the wire communication. This "GIZMO" would allow you to go wireless and still have all the functionality that you have with your hard wire. THIS IS JUST WHAT I WAS TOLD. It sould too good to be true but I thought I would pass it along.
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