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Radio problems on 2014 ultra limited

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Good morning, is anybody else having these annoying issues. this is a 2014 ultra limted
1 auto volume control is not working, have tried setting all the way up and all the down. No change at stop or highway speeds
2 in gps mode and in recent trips, there is no option to only delete 1 of your most recent trips. Only option with the trash can is delete all yes or no.
3 when hooked up blue tooth and running down highway, phone rings, i decline, and blue tooth disconnects. Only wa y to re-hook up is to stop, shut every down and restart everything.
Thanks for any response
by the way dealer no help, have a call into harley now
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I have the same issue with volume.. I shut mcy off wait 10 seconds and restart and issue is fixed.. God bless HD
All that sounds like firmware issues. Make sure you are on the latest version.
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