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I have changed my former user name, "ctspartan", to "scspartan" due to a recent move to Conway, South Carolina. Thank you Misinlink for making the change.

My name is Don and I ride an '02 FLHRCI. Got back into riding after 35+ yrs, when I bought the Road King 4 yrs ago. I am originally from Michigan and have a bachelors degree from Michigan State Univ. in '73. Upon graduation four of my friends and I rode through many of the Rocky Mtn states, we all had Hondas. Most of them had CB750"s, I had a CB500. Loved that bike, but looking back I wonder how the heck I rode it for so many miles on the stock seat it had. Maybe cause I was much younger n crazier.:D

Shortly after getting back from that western ride I moved east, first to Massachusetts, then CT where I met my wife, then Long Island, and back to CT. Wife and I have been married 38 years, 28 of which were in the in Bristol, CT house. Lot of great memories there raising a great son and beautiful daughter. Thought the move would be easy peasy, not so. Leaving behind some great friends n all those home attachments. But, last winter was the deciding factor, it was so damn cold and snowy. First thing I sold a couple months ago was the snow thrower. LOl

Nuf babbling. Its great to be here with Y'all. Some very smart and funny people on here that someday I would really like to meet. Thank you all very much for putting up with me over the past few years, its been a pleasure being here. Don
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Welcome back, and remember, the thing your new southern neighbors hate most is "how great things were UP HOME"....:thumb
Welcome back, soooooooo the New York ride in Sept. Is out of the question? Enjoy the new home and new life. Just don't tell me in January how many miles you rode that day. (Please)
Ya know you can't change you name again

Now you'll have to head down to bike week this fall in Mertle beach .
and check out all the crazy's and the Chickys
Oh and the Bikes toooo

Take care Don
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Welcome back, and remember, the thing your new southern neighbors hate most is "how great things were UP HOME"....:thumb
This is not a joke. To many make their way down and after a few days/years forget why and start to tell us how awesome it was UP Home. Makes me wanna send them back.

Congrats! On the move, the Carolinas are awesome. Great mountain riding and love the Outer Banks, in NC. If you head back north through the dismal swamp be careful, there's bugs in there that can put a serious hurt on a person.
Welcome again!!! From eden nc

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Welcome again.

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Welcome back, and remember, the thing your new southern neighbors hate most is "how great things were UP HOME"....:thumb
Zeta7, no worries, if it was "so great up home", I wouldn't be here. Besides, home is where I hang my hat as indicated by Mich> to Mass>to CT>to NY n back to CT and now SC. Want to thank

everybody for the welcome back. Very appreciated.
Welcome back and now you can enjoy year round riding!!! :)

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Congratulations on making your way south. Conway is a beautiful town with some great historical architecture. I love driving through there on my way to Myrtle Beach. No doubt that the weather will be much more tolerable for you unless you have any paranoia about hurricanes.
Welcome back to the Forum from Oklahoma; scspartan. Love that state of South Carolina! You already know the good caliber of people that reside here.
Hey, CT, I mean SC... Hope you enjoy the new location.
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