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Read this crap.

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This past Sunday the wife and I were on our Ultra going north on Hwy 11 here in the north west corner of SC. We were headed to a small town about 90 miles north called Chesnee. They have a antiques on Main street motorcycle show the last weekend of July. They had been paving various stretchs on our ride and had signs stating it. We were cresting a slight rise and there was the Orange notice sign that said uneven lanes. At 60mph at the top of the hill, our pavement was gone, Just a 50+ feet or more of rock pit! The dumb asses had dug the asphalt out on north bound lane and filled it with golf ball size rocks. I thought I was seeing things, the wife screams, I held tight and kept straight line same throttle and passed thru ok. Scared the he'll out of me. Scdot must have nobody that rides! Or gives a shit. They got a nice email, no response back yet. Our road crews not all but some are brain dead!

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Scary chit man, glad you kept it up
The stuff of nightmares. Glad you handled it so well.
Glad you kept her up. I had same situation in Bluefield Va. Went to lunch and didnt realize id have to cross a 10ft wide section of gravel, bad part is the tire tracks were sunk down about 8-10 inches below asphalt, and the sides and center were opposite and loose gravel. Luckily i was alone but still not a good feelin
Very scary
Major "pucker factor" moment.
But sounds like you reacted just right. No brakes, kept the front end straight and rode it out.
Any other reaction could have had real bad consequences.
Good job keeping your cool. Someone needs to lose a job over an idiotic mistake like that. I hope there weren't any accidents before they got things corrected.
NC is no better. Two weeks ago either a dump truck or pickup lost a substantial amount of gravel making a left turn at a major intersection. I reported it to our Highway Patrol to let DOT know. Before a motorcycle comes through and makes a Right turn and dumps it. Well It still there other than what the traffic has moved out. I've been avoiding that intersection on the bike.
Driving in nc through residential... My wife came on a patch of road that had just been fixed... No bump signs or nothing... But they left a big speed bump of gravel and it is literally the same color as the road... That bump was so hard that it cracked a wheel in the cage... Glad it wasn't my motorcycle... Could of went flying... City is paying for it

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It seems like they don't build stuff like they used too and that also means repairs to roads?
It seems like they don't build stuff like they used too and that also means repairs to roads?
That's one that could be in the "Remember when thread"
I think the wheel problem is because of lower profile tires. Back in the days of 14 and 15" rims, there was a lot more tire to give and absorb impact before the wheel was affected.
we are pretty lucky here in ok!! most road construction is well marked and on the major roads we ussually have something cautioning motorcycle. and when the weather is nice we have bill boards saying watch for bikers. now dont get me wrong we have some crappy roads and even worse cage drivers
Somebody link the thread about Dave hitting a paving-break that broke his shocks

..as I recall he predicted it would have simply broken the back of a hard-tail rider.

WOW man good save. i hate gravel. had a bad experience with it when i was younger.
The roads here in MS are terrible...

You are lucky you both are not hamburger...
Good job keeping the bike up! Not sure I would have been able to.
Sounds like the Washington Department of Transportation...
Sounds like it looked scary but ended up being a piece of cake?
You are better than me, I would have scared sh....less
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