Ok, so I have a COMPLETE custom tin change out for a Rushmore, (2014-2016) Street Glide. (Not sure if it will fit 2017-current M8’s) All parts are OEM parts off of my 2014 FLHXS that was Charcoal Pearl. This is a custom color called “Tangerine Fire Candy” by Big Brain Graphics, with unique, but subtle pinstriping. I REALLY liked it, but it was more orange that I originally wanted, so I went with a different redder color. This set contains 16 total parts including the gloss black Inner Fairing w/USB Storage Door. The set has about 15,000 gentle miles on it so there are a few very small stone chips, which is to be expected. (At this price, it ain’t going to be perfect, lol!) There are two dings on it. One on the right side of the Outer Fairing, and one stone chip with touch-up paint on it, on the right Saddlebag, which I can provide close up pics of. I’m sorry, but I will not split the set up, unless someone wants it without the Inner Fairing, which I will sell separately later. As I’m sure you understand, I cannot ship this, lol. And I won’t be able to deliver it either. I don’t want to be responsible for any delivery damage. I COULD meet someone close by with one piece to show the quality and color of the paint if wanted, but would prefer you come to my house to see the whole set. I have quite a few other pictures at different angles that I can send, as well as any other specific shots you may want. This was a $4000 paint job three and a half years ago, and who knows what the price would be now? I’m asking $1,700 for the whole 16-piece set. $1,550 w/out the Inner Fairing. And don’t forget, you’ll be able to sell YOUR old tin set to recoup most of your cost!!