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Rear shocks on 07 FXD

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To get a better ride for 2 up, what do you guys recommend for shocks? I want to reduce the amount of bottoming out on large interstate drops/ramps - like what you get going onto a bridge & coming back off.
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Ohlins S36E, put a set on our 06 FXD with 1 inch more travel than stock, very nice for 2 up riding. You'll want to change to progressive springs up front, stock ride height. Bought the shocks from Fuel Moto and got the front springs on Amazon.
Ok, I had one local suggestion of progressives as well... I think I might ask my local repair guy to do that work over the winter & just let him make the call on it.. Thanks!
Progressive 444s I put on my 2011 FXDC were great. Buy them from J&P and you will likely save some money over your local guy ordering them for you.

And it is about a 30 minute job. No real reason to wait for winter.
I am using the progressive 412 12.6 inch shocks we love em. They solved our bottoming out. I have tried several lengths for comfort but the 12.6 inch did the trick.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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