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This forum has been a fount of information and entertainment. Unfortunately I have little to offer but much to ask!
I have a 09 FXDC with a Standard Sissy bar upright on a quick release sideplate and I love it!
I somehow acquired an almost identical Standard Height upright, but rather than being 7.5" across at the base, it is 8.25" across at the base. I have a spare set of rigid sideplates (I think PN 52856-06) which I mounted on the sissy bar, but the resulting assembly is clearly too wide for the FXDC.
My question: anyone know what bike this sissy bar would fit? Does another Dyna or Softail model require a wider Sissy bar upright? I'd love to sell it to someone, but I don't want to mislead anyone concerning fitment.
My guess is that my narrow bar is PN 52735-85 and the wider bar is PN 52877-08 for 08-09 FXDF and FXDFSE models.
Can any Fat Bob owner confirm this by measuring the inside width of their sissy bar where it enters the sideplate?
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