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Removable tour-pak question

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A buddy of mine got a 2014 Ultra Classic and got the removable tour-pak. I saw his today with the tour-pak removed and all of his cables are neatly put into a single sheath to make storage of them a lot easier.

Mine (a 2012) also has the removable tour-pak, but the wires were all just left laying there separately. So when I have the tour-pak removed, I put them all together in a baggie and tape the baggie around the end of it to keep them together and to keep it mostly waterproof.

My question --- does anybody else have an Ultra with the removable tour-pak and can tell me whether or not the dealer put them all together in a nice bundle or not? I'm just curious if I got cheated or if maybe that's something new for the 2014s.

I've always thought it was strange that they didn't do anything with the wiring on mine.
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If you got cheated so did I. I wind mine up neatly and tape, then store them behind the side covers. Nobody knows there there but me. Works fantastic.
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