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removing magnacharger supercharger

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friend has a 94 soft tail he purchased cheap because the magnacharger supercharger failed. we are trying to remove it and take the bike back to stock but are having some issues removing it. does anybody have any idea how to remove this? any help would be appreciated.
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Do you have the install instructions? Read them from the back, forward.
A cutting torch and very large hammer and you can take anything apart.
I've never worked on a supercharged Harley. What are the issues you are having removing it?
You'll need a new primary cover and compensator bolt. Carb rejetted. Other than that just unbolt it. Now go do a intro in new members section and tell us about yourself.
If it's cam side drive, new cam cover. Cam change if it has a blower cam. It will be a dog with that cam
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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