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Replaced brakes and now i have no brakes!!

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So i added a 21inch wheel with matching rotors and went ahead and replaced all my brake pads, all of the pads went on without a hitch... So i back it out of the garage to drive it around the block and i have no rear brakes, i pumped and pumped and nothing!! So i pull it back into the garage and inspect everything and i don't have a clue whats wrong, but i did notice when i hit the brakes the pistons arent even compressing and the brake lights dont even come on... anyone have any idea what might cause this?
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Sounds like you have air in the lines or possibly low on fluid in the master cylinder, check the fluid and bleed the brakes.
Rear master is air bound. No pressure means no psi to activate brake light switch.

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Master cylinder is full, will attempt to bleed brakes after work... Thanks for the info guys...
What I like to do:

I've found, leaving a tight cap on the reservior, prevents fluid from getting into line, just due to the natural vacuum it creates.

Loosen cap.

Push pedal down 1/3 of the way, and pump back and forth GENTLY.

Your brake pedal NEVER goes all the way down, and fluis is moved more in the first 1/2 of the pedal travel, than the last half.

Loosen brake bleeder.

Put finger over top.

Gently move pedal down 1/2 way, while easing up a little on the plessure on the bleeder port.

You can feel air sneak past your finger, then seal with a little more pressure as pedal returns. Move slowly. It's key here......

Do that a few times till fluid srarts to move.

Once fluid appears, close bleeder.

Pump pedal 3 times, 1/2 way, THEN open bleeder, releasing air.

Repeat until no air is in fluid.

Watch reservoir level.

If it drops too low, and you suck air, you'll be starting all over.

Top off reservoir when finished.
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yay, thanks everyone for the tips, i have brakes again!!
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