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Riding clothing for the cold weather

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For those on a budget, what do you wear to stay warm in the cold riding in highways? I ride on highways at an average 70-80mph with 35-45 degrees in cold.

Obviously I bought a insulated motorcycle jacket, it does help.
Heated motorcycle gloves, sometimes helps.
Insulated pants with Jeans over it, it helps.

Not the best, but I can still feel after 20 minutes riding and I have 20 minutes left more to ride.
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Agree with those above posts. Heated gear is the only way to go. Warm and Safe are the leaders in the business and stand behind their products. You can actually call them on the phone and talk to the people that manufacture and distribute the product.
like everyone else said. 20 degrees with the gear is just another enjoyable day of riding. Been to the Arctic Circle with it in constant snow and rain.

Only additional equipment you will need-if you ride in rain with heated gloves is a way to keep them dry. HD heated gloves were a gift so I had to add aero stitch glove covers because the Harley gloves were FXRG leather , and after days of rain would get water soaked and the heating ability diminished.

heated sock are to die for !
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