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rims for road king

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I am looking at different rims for a 2010 road king.
From what I have seen, it mainly looks like spokes and spoke-like rims.
Was wondering if anyone has done different styles of rims to really set your bike apart from other road kings.
Even fat boy style rims would really set things off.
If you have a website or pictures of your kings....would appreciate it.
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Tons of different type rums/wheels for RKs out there in the aftermarket.
Search for a thread called "Road King Pics" or "Pics of your Road King" or something like that. You'll see tons of different looks and combinations.
Road king pics...

The thread

Pure eye candy!
Thanks for your advice.
found a bunch of pics.
some very impressive rims...
Now it's finding something you like that fits your bike.

The axle sizes changed some.
Show us pics of yours if you want us to help you pick something that fits your look.
Start with a CVO RK for an idea of what it looks like, couple a brothers here got one.
I put street glide wheels on mine for free. Local shop liked my spokes and traded even up. I hate spokes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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