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Sad to hear about your collision. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I believe the difference between the Fatboy and the Low is in the suspension.

Did you file a accident report with the police?

If you file a insurance claim , they may total the bike ...
the down tube brace where the highway bar attaches to the frame is something a claim agent would look at, if it is bent or the paint is cracked they would write it off as a loss for frame damage.
Your jacket and helmet can be claimed too if damaged.
If you are missing time from a job because of the injury... you can claim lost time.

Any HD dealer can do a damage assessment of the bike, it will cost a bit , but they will have all the part numbers and prices itemized so if you want to try repairing it you'll have a list to go by, or leave it at the dealer for them to fix.

Get a folder and save all the receipts for anything accident related, from the flatbed , storage and repair of the bike, to the ambulance ride to the ER , the x-rays , bandages , plaster , pain pills and physical therapy.

A personal injury lawyer may be helpful navigating all the fine print and legalese insurance companies are fond of, and to get you a fair settlement.

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