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Road King Owner

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New to the world of HD after riding metrics my entire life.

I have a 2014 Road King, deep indigo red, stock throughout except for new mirrors, handgrips, and footplate spreaders.

I ride casually around town and the only plans I have for the bike are some cosmetics here and there and to add some Vance slip-ons to make the sound better.

Good to finally be part of the brotherhood, I can't believe I waited this long.

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Welcome and congratulations!

You're gonna love your King and have a lot fun here.

Welcome to the Forum!
Just a hint it always starts off with adding a few cosmetic things and then Bam full on addiction to mods. Just ask anyone of us .
Welcome from Anoka. I think that the Glides are best left close to stock. very comfortable scooter.
Welcome to the forum from New Hampshire.. Congrats on the new scoot.
Welcome from Oregon , Pic?
Welcome, you will love your king. Lets see what she looks like.
Welcome from AZ. I hope you love your King as much as I love mine. :cheers
Welcome to the forum from Virgina. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from College Station, TX

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Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome to the Forum from Oklahoma; Rafe and congratulations on your new Road King. Very cool, knowledgeable folks here and tons of technical information to search thru.
Welcome from north Texas!
We like pictures. Let's see it.
Welcome! And yes, pics.
Welcome from south Florida and congrats on the new scooter. Yes we love pics.

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Welcome from SEOklahoma!!! Lots of great ppl/info on here!!!
Welcome from Washington State, hope you enjoy the site... :cheers
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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