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ROCKFORD FOSGATE PBR300x4 AMP in Faring, assistance needed

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Looking to put on of these in my SG faring. But hear they draw a lot of power and run extreemly hot. Anyone have this amp in their faring that could shed some light on this for me. Faring has been custom mounted where as the Radio section was cut out for a custom look with a lean to match the front end.
I am running a cycle sounds Rock Box on my handlebar for radio/mp3/etc...but bought this amp as many have said it is a great mini amp with loads of power. it will be pushing( 2) 61/2" and (2) 4" Polk DB Co-axle speakers in the faring.
I am looking to know members expreiences with this amp and its quality along with its power draw ( meaning will it drain my battery)Etc...
Thanks for the assistance,
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I did alot of research before purchasing and installing my 300x2. There was a time that the 300.4 were overheating, but the that issue has been resolved. As far as the draw, I dont ever put my bike on a tender and have not had any issues since installation (June-ish). I have my amp wired directly to the battery (neg/pos). And if i remeber correctly, the amp has technology now that only allows the amp to turn on when it recognizes the radio is powered up- might wanna confirm that with fosgate. BTW, my unit is mount on top the the radio secured with industrial velco. NO issues.
I'm with Jax. on another site, the audio guru suggests the fosgate 300x4 as one of the best choices, so I can't see that there will be a problem with heat. but to help with heat, instead of securing it directly to the radio with Velcro, buy one of the many brackets sold (ebay, etc.) to mount it over the radio or fab one yourself. that way a little more air can circulate around the amp to cool it. I too have the 300x2 mounted on a fabbed bracket and have no issues. I will soon add fairing lower 6.5" speakers to my set up and will purchase the 300x4 to replace the 300x2.

****Side note***** the 300x4 will interfere with your radio reception. so basically you will not be able to listen the radio stations. If you only listen to music off your mp3 or phone, then that won't be a problem. If you want to be able to listen to the radio, the that guru guy suggests the SoundStream PN4.520D amp.
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Bracket can be purchased on ebay for 25 or 30...cant remember exactly. I only paid $125 for the amp, so i will just replace it when needed or the HU, which ever goes first. When I add the speaker lids I plan to add another 300.2 rather than 300.4. That way no interfernce.

UltraNutz is the man. He actually gave me his ph# and walked me thru a few things.
I run an Arc Audio 500 x 4 connected to 2 Focal 6.5" and 2 Focal 6x9's and have not had any battery issues. My system pulls about 42 amps at peak. Your only going to be pulling about 25 amps at peak.
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