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Started out from Topeka, Kansas with nice enough weather. The ride along US 24 can be and was quite boring. Nothing much to see out in western Kansas. Passed some wind farms though, and they were quite spectacular to see. Something very elegant about those tall posts with the long blades just churning away in the wind.

Stopped for lunch in Hill City when the weather was beginning to heat up. Stripped a few layers off as we headed out on the road again. Didn't take long for thing to really heat up. 103F was the high. With a 30mph wind blowing at us from the south. Got behind schedule having to make more water stops than planned - no biggie there as we really didn't have much of a schedule to begin with.

As we rode further west, and the day got hotter, we noticed a dark line of sky scratched across the horizon. The dark got taller the further west we rode. Pulled off in Downs to check the radar. It didn't look pretty. We aimed for staying the night in Colby and hitting Denver on Saturday. Hopefully in time to stop at Mile High Harley to get a shirt. Anyway, we found a farmer in Downs who let us park in a storage Quonset hut he had in case the storm got bad. After waiting it out about an hour, radar looked not to bad...except in Colby. We decided to go. We knew we would get wet, but that's just the way things are. It never rains in western Kansas until you're passing through it on two wheels.

Arrived at our motel drenched, tired and ready for more than a few beers. Now we're packed, fed, coffees up and re-hydrated and ready to roll, ahead of what little schedule we've agreed on.

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