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Saddlebag brackets?

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Hi folks,

excited new HD owner here. Sadly, I'm due to head out on Holiday for a few days tomorrow and so wont be able to pick up my new bike..bad timing I guess.

However, in preparation of getting it set up the way I want it, I'm researching lots of things.

I'm settled on the exhausts so that's number 1 ticked off my list

number 2 is saddlebags
number 3 is floorboards

so, as I look at various pictures of saddlebags, 90% seem to be the throw over type, which I've never liked. I like the bags themselves but not the mount. I fabricated some brackets for my Honda and then hardmounted them. On looking at the rear fender set up for the Wide Glide, there appear to only be one set of mounting holes. My assumption/guess is that the rear indicators need to be relocated and then that clears up a second set of mounting holes for some brackets that I can then hard mount the bags to (I've seen some quick release ones that I like)...so hopefully a few $$ discount on labor day sales.

is my assumption correct?

thanks. Sadly, I have to wait another week before I can get my hands on the bike...it's like a kid knowing what he's getting for christmas, but christmas being a week away!!!

Once I have it...pics will appear
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On my Super Glide that was the route I had to use. HD had a nice relocation/lay down license plate combo that worked nicely. Then added some EZ brackets to mount leather covered hard bags.
second easy brackets- they also make a laydown plate holder that your rear directionals mount too - i have one on my 07 bob
thanks guys.

One more question, when I made the brackets for my Honda, I had to extend the supplied mounting hardware to make sure the bags cleared the shocks. Will I have to do the same on the dyna?

Quick Release Brackets
Depending on the size of the bags you get. If they extend past the shock yes you will need to push them out further. Or you could get bags with the shock cut out.
thanks Peanut. I prefer slightly larger bags since I prefer to ride without a backpack or anything and put stuff in the saddle bags, so will have to manufacture something

After much research I went with the HD laydown plate/turn signal relocation kit on my Dyna and I'm pleased with the result.
I have bags from Leatherpros which are excellent quality and use their own QD brackets which work really well. I like the fact that the bags lock onto the bike as well as locking closed. They also don't rattle over bumps which I've heard can be a problem with Easy Brackets.
However the bags are a bit small and they're not cheap. If you want really big secure bags and you're happy with Easy Brackets you might look at these

Tsukayu Fairing, Hard Saddlebags and Touring Trunk

You can see pictures of them on a Dyna on their website - no need for anything home-made!
You are correct sir. The EZ brackets do rattle a bit when hitting bumps.
I installed Edge brackets on my Low Rider. I used an HD turn signal relocation kit. I like the setup and ease of taking the bags on and off. But, they also vibrate over bumps.
My brother uses zip ties on the inside of his quick detach bags to keep them from rattling.
I really like the look of these

shock Cut-out Bags

but the inside of the bags has a curved line that doesn't look like it will accept a quick release bracket...or any kind of bracket actually!!

Supposedly they are for a wide glide, but I can't see how that line will fit the rear fender
I went with Saddleman hard leather quick detach saddlebags (2- 1/4 turn screws in each side). They make a nice support bracket for each side hat is small/light n fits perfectly. I did have to relocate the turn signals but went with a LED bar (to rows) that add to running and brake lights n the outer three on each side (six lamps due to being two rows) flash for signals. Just as bright as OEM lamps during day. Once dusk starts to settle in the get brighter n brighter as it gets dark out. I really like this set-up, but do not know the brand/style of this piece as my indy shop had them in stock, showed me one n I said yeah go for it while they had my bike one fall for extensive upgrading. BTW, I ride the '07 St. Bob...
...hope that helps
I got a set of the Viking bags as well. Had to make a few modifications on the brackets and drill New holes in the bags to get them to work. Nothing too difficult.
I have ordered some different ones and will just manufacture some bracket extensions to clear the bags of the shocks the same as I did for my Honda. It does make them stick out a little wider, but nothing major. Plus the non cut-out ones were $150 cheaper!!
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