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Really want to get rid of the Screamin' Eagles this winter that came on my Softail. Don't like the looks or the sound. Way too much pipe. Had Thunderheaders on my last bike and loved the sound and the looks but I want something shorter on this one and don't want a 2 to 1.

Been looking at the Samson Street Sweeper pipes and am looking for feedback. Don't want to loose low end torque though. Anyone had any experience with these? Any re-tuning needed on the '10 96? I think I would want to have/leave baffles in them so I don't blow my wife away who rides next to me.
Did a search here and did not find much info.

Played with a little graphics just to see what they would look like (bottom pic):

Thanks for any feedback.

Sorry, did not realize I was still in "General" when I posted. Should have been posted in "Exhaust Systems".
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