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Samson true dual trouble

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I've been waiting on my Samson true duals and finally got them in. install wasn't too bad just a few trial and error stuff, I've never installed/ uninstalled any exhaust system before but it went pretty smooth. until I came to combining the left muffler to the head pipe, it'll only go so far and won't align the muffler with the bracket holes that it mounts to, it needs to come in about an inch more. i've tried pushing it in even more bit it not budging so I then tried filing the head pipe in hopes that maybe it'll thin some of the chrome layer and it'll slide in further but still no. so now I'm thinking as a last resort i'm gonna have to cut a piece off a the head pipe in order to slide it in the distance I need, but before I do that i'd like to ask you guys for any info or tips you have to help me out. any info would be appreciated. thanks.
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also they are the 33" slash cuts and would cutting the head pipe noticably change the length. im only thinking a half inch cut. thanks....
make sure ur head pipe and everything else is loose. put it together align it then tighten it all down to specs
As sarge said.

do NOT cut it. Take your time, look back through the instructions again
Make sure your muffler clamp is backed all the way off. If it is even just snug it won't allow it to slide on. Also check to see that the brackets on each side match up. May need to be adjusted. These are little tricks I learned when I did mine on my 2012 Deluxe.
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What`s already been said.
Especially the part about leaving everything loose until all things are connected and properly aligned. All nuts, bolts\fasteners in the proper locations and started.
Then go back and properly tighten everything up.
I've installed 4 sets of these in the last couple years. As stated previously, don't cut! Take everything loose, align, and then tighten back down.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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