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Screamin Eagle racing clutch

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I have a big bore engine and the SE racing clutch. I've had problems in the past with the clutch not disengaging (at stop signs, lights etc). Dealer continues to tell me to continue using SYN in the primary but I'm thinking about draining it and refilling with RevTech. Bad idea????
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Shouldn't be a problem he is pushing the HD oil many folks have changed to other brands.
You may also want to try Dextron lll ATF. I tried about every kind of fluid on my SE and nothing is a smooth.
Ran this most of last year then switched to a 10w40, not bad, but still not that good. Then last week dumped some HD primary oil, dump is the right word. Went back to ATF.
Today dumped the Dextron lll,sticky, hot and some chain vibration at speed. HD primary/tranny oil I found to heavy. Type F ATF was a little to thin and I was concerned with bearing wear. The 20W50 Mobile, and other 20W50 synthetics did not allow clean plate separation. Used Redline in the past and liked it.
This morning added a 10W40 motorcycle synthetic. Clutch worked fine and primary was cooler.
Dexron III in primary, 75w-140 gear oil in transmission.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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