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Seat upgrade

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It looks like it might be awhile before I go with a touring so I am thinking about getting rid of the stock seat on my 07 FXD and getting something different,any suggestions on what would be the most comfortable aftermarket seat made.
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Go to the dealer and test ride a couple. I had a sundowner on my 12 fxdc and loved it. I now have a sundowner on my flhxs.

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have a saddlemen dominator on my 07 fxdb
- i like it
Are you going to ride two up?
Mustang makes an old fashioned looking Vintage Wide that is incredibly comfortable, in one piece or rider/pillion.
Had it on my FXDC; but it did not work out on my FLHR, too high.
I found the stock seat on my 13 FXDC hmmmm. A little barbarick. After about an hour I would rather walk home. Depending on how tall you are seat options change. I didn't try any aftermarket seats like some suggest. I bought a tall boy seat from HD. I can ride all day without fatigue. It's wider and sits higher than stock. It states it moves you back too, but to me it sits about the same.

My only issue is I had my bike set up with the stock seat. Now my bars are too low.
I use a Fat Bob seat.
I recently put a Sundowner seat on my FXDL and like it a lot. It raised me up about an inch or so which I didn't want but gave me that little extra room to my forward controls which I needed.
I need to look at similar bikes and bike nights to see if what I like the best and try to talk to the owners,I do not want to spend a bunch of money because a touring is in my future.
they make some NICE stuff!
I always liked Le Pera seats,I'm getting this seat for my Fat Bob.....

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Those who have been round know I am disabled with back problems. I HIGHLY suggest a saddleman seat. They have one with foam and gel in it in both solo n 2-up versions, available with driver backrest too. Have it on mine (forgot model name dammit) n it changed my ride drastically for the better!!!
P.S. Le Pera seats got the looks but are not known as the most cushioned/comfy seats on the market. Depends wut ur looking for. I looked at many Le Pera seats then I saw the Saddleman an choice was instant!
The more cushion the better for me
The more cushion the better for me
Definitely need to look into the saddleman line up. Ive never sat on a more comfortable seat, no lie. not squishy, but soft as heck n has all the bells n whistles you could want in a seat. I wish I could remember the model name and/or number for one I went with. Ill see if I can find it in my paperwork n post it for ya if found...
sorry no luck finding papers. One of the few I have lost in the shuffle, found papers for Saddleman rigid leather saddlebags (also very nice n go on n off in under three minutes) but not the seat. Its the one that comes in both solo and 2-up, has the driver backrest(can get without but why,lol) n the NAPA-hyde outer covering as well as all the good stuff inside for a cool, cushioned ride. Good Luck in your search!
there ya go then, sounds like you will luv the seat I have. I do believe J&P has the model n picture in their online catalog. I had my indy (good friend) order mine from drag specialties as was much cheaper cuz I got it at his cost. Fair warning it aint cheap but can you put a price on comfort to go the extra miles n not get saddle butt. Good Luck n let us know wut you decide on...
Mustang solo seat is incredibly comfortable. Can ride for over an hour not getting any soreness.
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