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Seeking new seat for my 2014 Street Glide

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Wife and I recently did a 5 hour trip on the stock seat of our 2014 SG. OUCH!!!!!! The pain was hell after a few hours.

Due to our very limited budget, our lack of location to other seat makers, and ease of obtaining, we are looking at the Harley seats at our local dealer. For us, it is just easier to get.

I want a seat that will sit me further back. I like to be lower in the seat, but not a must. However I definitely do not want to sit higher than the stock SG seat, this is a must.

My wife, the passenger, does not like to sit high. Height scares my wife. She likes her eyes to by slightly over my head. She likes the height of the stock street glide seat in comparison to my height on the stock seat. Her main complaint with the stock seat is that it hurts her ass on longer rides. She needs more padding or/and a slightly wider seat.

What seats should I look at in the dealership?
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Seat Choice is a matter of personal choice. But, I will tell you after riding hundreds of miles over several days several times. It don't matter what seat you get. You will never get the comfort like sitting in a lazy boy. You a$$ will ache after a day long of riding. What I have found to eliminate any butt pain is. Don't sit on your wallet. Don't wear Jocky skivvies. Underwear choice is as important as the seat itself. You don't want seams cutting into your thighs or butt. You will see some Gold Wingers wearing something like pajamas because there are no seams. Maybe you should even try not wearing underwear and pants without back pockets. Just remember you are straddling a seat and like tires only have a 4 inch patch on the road, your but only makes a small patch on the seat.
if you don't to be sitting higher and need to be back a couple inches the tall boy im told would fill the bill.
The best thing is to go to a rally and see some different seats as well as maybe ask to see how the seat feels.
Are the seats any different between a SG and the SGS mine seems to be very comfortable with room to stretch my legs.
We are very happy with the Harley Hammock. You may be able to demo one at your dealer. There is a virtually new one for sale on this forum by a member. Try this link.


It may be sold.

same issues here so I got the sundowner, not too much difference for me just a little more cushion, passenger much difference, wider and more cushion, she loves it now
I also bough the sundowner. Definitely improved comfort for passenger and help me some also. I think backrest for me will be my next purchase for the long hauls.
Take a look at this website. I plan on using them soon. I have heard GREAT reviews from others. I have never heard anything bad about them.
Mean City Cycles - Custom Seat Modifications
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