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sena s20

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So after much research by me and my gf, thinking of picking up a set. Anyone with experience with these or general thoughts. It will be used for the bike to passenger to other bikes and from sled to sled on the off season.
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I dont have the S20 but I have the Sena SMH5-FM. The radio works well, I can get the same radio station from Orlando to St. Augustine and back if I want. It works well with my MP3 Player, and phone also. I ride solo so I dont have experience with the intercom or with other bikes, but for personal use I love it. I am thinking of getting the S20 next year just as an upgrade though. Also, I use a modular full face helmet that helps with the wind noise.
Thanks fatdog. Well I picked up a set. Did all the updates. Installed them. Haven't got a chance yet to really try them out. Mainly want them to talk to my gf while helmets are on and while sledding. Might be able to try them on Sunday. Fm works well. And tried the phone but not while ridding. That'll be the test.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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