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Slipstream Heated Grips.

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I had a set of Slipstream Heated Grips P/N#56100027 installed on my 2015 Ultra Limited. I was not happy with the switch housing on the left grip so I decided to see if I could correct the issue. Long story short, I removed the left grip from the handlebar and disconnected the internal wire from the grip. Everything that I have read has said the end of the wire/connector should extend past the end of the handlebar, it doesn't, it is about 5 inches from the end of the handlebar, I have a mechanical grabber that I am able to grab the end but it does not want to come out. I have removed the front fairing, which is pretty simple to do, but I cannot locate anything that may or may not be the wire that connects the left grip to the right grip. Has anyone had this issue?

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Hey there Pappa-P,
I have a 2013 Limited. I installed the same heated grips you mention, Slipstream Heated hand grips from H-D. There is a 2-conductor plug (black and red wires) at the bottom of handlebars close to where they exit the handlebars. You must unplug it there. BE SURE to tie a string to the plug, so you don't lose it when you fish the wire out the top. I also am assuming you can still grab the plug through the handlebars at top. If you can't grab it, then pull the wire out the bottom. Replace the wire through the top end of handlebar using "Bailing wire" or stiff, yet flexible wire. Agan, be sure to tie a string to end tail-end of the wire, so if you go too far, you can easily pull the plug out. I wrestled with that myself. There is absolutely no slack to pull the grip off unless you unplug the bottom wire.
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Thanks for the info! I was able to get everything reconnected. There is a procedure called "Rotate Inner Fairing" in the maintenance manual. The whole process took less than an hour, I had to remove the Aux Lights/Turn signals, windshield, outer fairing, ignition switch, accessory cover, front chrome piece below the front fairing, then lift up on the inner fairing and tilt it forward to gain access to the handlebar wires. I got everything put back together and now I have functional heated hand grips, plus the knowledge of knowing how to do this. I highly recommend the maintenance manual!
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