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Remove the shock from the spring and casing. At the base of the stub shaft is a slotted portion to accomodate a 9/16" wrench. I fitted the wrench and clamped it all into my bench vise. Above the keeper plate is a slotted portion that you will need to fit a crescent wrench to remove the shock from the stub shaft

Loosen the Jam Nut and remove the keeper plate from the stock Stub Shaft.

Screw Jam Nut completely onto new stub shaft and screw keeper plate onto stub Shaft until it is flush with keeper plate edge. (This is the maximum preload setting and by itself will allow for a lower suspension, if you run keeper plate all the way down onto the stub shaft it will be the minimum pre-load position)

Lock stub shaft into vise and tighten Jam nut against keeper plate. Apply a small amount of lock-tite onto threaded end on shock and tighten onto stub shaft. Reassemble shock into case w/spring prepare to press.

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