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No. Not unless you're a talented, well established fabricator and have a ton of time on your hands. The 76 FX frame is similar to the FL frame, with a low mounted, narrow inboard, pivotal point swingarm and 2 outboard rear shocks.

The Softail frames are different, in that their pivoting points are almost midframe, much wider and they have 2 smaller shocks, inboard, under the bike where they're not visible.

You'd be better off buying a softail frame, then using your engine and trans to build another bike, if having a softail is your desire. A softail shovelhead would be cool.........
Thanks Dave. That's the info I was lookin' for! I suppose if I had the shop and equipment I could pull off the fab work, but don't have the stuff needed at this time. Well maybe in the near future there will be a softail shovel out there runnin' the roads.
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