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speedo cable

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Hi everyone i'm looking for an answer to a quick question. I need a new speedo cable for my 87 sporty. the old one i took off the bike only has one nut on it for the end that screws into the back of the speedo. the other end that goes to the front tire has no nut just threads. when i look on line i see some cable that have only one nut and some that have 2 yet it still says it will fit my bike. i just wonder because the size i need i can only find them in cables with 2 nuts. does it matter or make a difference?

Thanks y'all
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The cable you need has only one nut, at the speedometer end. The part number is 67052-78B
Thanks for the help it fits perfectly.
Gee, I thought Speedos were bathing suits.. :)

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