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Speedo issue

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The speedometer has stopped functioning on my '02 Wide Glide...the needle jumps when the ignition is turned on, and the odometer lights up, but no movement when moving and no mileage changes...I've done all the suggested fixes...checking under the console for loose wiring, checking the plug under the seat, and pulling the sensor from the tranny to clean it...no go...do I assume it's a bad sensor and replace it, or any other suggestions?
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Do you get a code?

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Codes for 02, 08 and 10 were Set...the rest were CLr
That could be a failed speed sensor, they don't last forever.
I had the same issue with my speedo a while back. I replaced the speed sensor and that was not it. Finally found the problem. It was the voltage regulator. What mine was doing was when I fired it up, the tach worked and no distress lights came on until I started moving. I would get up to about 10-20 mph and the speedo would freeze and the tach dropped to 0. The engine light would also come on. Everything went back to normal when I engaged the clutch and dropped back to idle. I have a 2000 Dyna low rider.
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