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Speedometer Fogging

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Speedometer is on a 2011 Sportster xl1200 custom. It is kept in a garage and I try not to ride in the rain if I can help it.

The question is my speedometer will fog up when I ride, but when I put the bike in the shade it will clear up. The fogging is light on the inside of the glass. Do I need to take it apart and dry it in the house and reseal it backup or just let time dry it out?

Thanks Guys,
Grampa Kracker
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Both mine do the same thing. I'm not sure you can do any better than what you already have. So if you have a place that can dry 100% moisture free and reseal 100% including the cable or wires going in... My tractor will do the same thing. A lot of the heavy equipment at work does it also.

I think its just the HOT sun getting any possible moisture to show.

A SMF (there are many that know lots more than me) may have a better answer.
It happens. Unit is not 100% sealed. ALL the gauges on my Classic for if I take bike from heated garage into cool morning air. Then it clears up in a bit.

Nature of the beast.
Thanks guys,

If it's the norm I can live with it. I didn't want it to start rusting up.

Thanks Again,
Grampa Kracker
my bob does it also- kinda weird-ed me out
Mine does the same thing, rarely in the rain...as long as it keeps working...

Ps i like your favorite signs...i have one at my place in the mountains oh new hampshire that i borrowed from the wizard of oz, haunted forest scene..."I would turn back now if i were you..."
Mine too. Its always humid here in NC so I just write it off to that. It would be interesting to hear from someone in a dryer climate to see if they have the same issue.
If it was just yours, I would have thought the rubber gasket was leaking (air). So if you want to stop it, maybe a bit of silicone sealer to bed the gasket, but then that could create a whole bunch of problems.
Change to led bulbs and it will reduce, the bulb creates heat, heats up inside of gauge, when bike starts to cool, it draws moisture, depending on how humid it is, the condensation will form inside the gauge.
Ahh, so that would be why the fuel gauge on mine is constantly wet. The little bulb in there stuffing things up.

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I just installed a new speedometer on my 2012 Deluxe and it did the same thing on my first day out in the sun. Got little bit of water droplets at the bottom of the lens.
Question: Is it safe to put a tiny packet of the desiccant (dry packet) under the speedometer to absorb extra moisture in the air?

Yes it's safe, but the bag of desiccant will be ineffective after a few hours because it will absorb atmospheric humidity. It's only effective when it is put into a sealed container. The best advice I have from owning several Harleys and years of belonging to Harley forums is "get used to it". Sorry.
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