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Speedometer won't zero

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I have a 2003 FLHPI with 63K. This morning went for a ride and stopped after about 25 minutes. When I restarted the bike the speedo seemed way off. When I got to a stop it was still reading 10 mph! I got back home and with the bike and ignition off it's still showing about 7 mph and the needle will not go back to zero. Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike

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Do the speedo diagnostics, the procedure is a sticky in the electrical section.
Post the results here.
Would that be the Big Twin DTC Instructions/Codes thread? I don't see any sticky about speedometers.

I also found this out, I cycled the ignition on and off several times. The speedo needle will drop down a bit during this cycling. It's closer to zero now but not quite there.

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I tried the 2003 diagnostic directions with the jumper and got no results. I tried the reset switch while turning on the ignition and got into a diagnostic mode, I think. The results were d01 through d10, all were clear the last one was PP0. No clue what that was.


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If you got d01 thru d10 the speedo didn't cause any codes to set.
Is the speedo accurate when going down the road ?
One thing that can throw the speedo off is the speed sensor. I would remove the sensor from the top of the trans, clean the magnet off and re-install it. Small metal shavings accumulate on the magnet and interfere with the speed signal.
The speedo seemed to just be about 10 over. I will pull and clean the sensor this morning before I go riding. Any possibility my change to a heavier synthetic trams lube a couple days ago had some impact on this?

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