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Sportster Crankcase Breather Oil Overflow

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Oil breather

My Sportster (18,000 miles on the clock) started spewing oil out of a breather or some place, oil all over the back on the right hand side mainly. Oil tank level shows half way up the dip stick with bike level.
This is a new thing, happens at speeds of approx of 60 mph.
Appreciate if anyone can suggest what the problem is.
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I placed a thread in "ENGINE" section but perhaps it should go here?
The oil breather tube from the crankcase to where it ends just under the seat on the right hand side of the frame on my wife's Sportster was spewing a bunch of oil yesterday, made a mess of the back wheel, dripped on to the exhaust so of course there was smoke coming off the exhaust. Oil everywhere! I was following her so I got some over myself, droplets of oil covered my visor, quite a mess. Had to stop a couple of times to try clean it up. I was worried about the danger of the oil on the tyre itself. Oil level in the tank is at half way mark on the dipstick which I checked with bike standing upright and level. Outside temperature around 100 degrees F at the time we were riding. We were riding at speeds of roughly 65 mph. Using a multigrade oil in the bike. Checked air filter, still clean.
Anyone have any suggestions as to why so much oil coming out the crankcase breather hose please. Appreciate your feedback.
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Check oil, with a cold engine, bike on "jiffy stand" start engine , run for about a minute, turn off and check oil level. Running for the minute is very important. Should be between the lines.
Overfull! Check and adjust level.
+1 On a sporty always check your oil level at operating temp, on the jiffy stand.
The oil tank breather hose routes along the right hand upper frame rail under the seat area. If the tank gets overfull with the engine running the excess can vent out of that hose and all over the right hand frame area.
Check the opened end of that hose to see if it's wet with oil.
+1 On a sporty always check your oil level at operating temp, on the jiffy stand.
After letting it idle for 2 minutes prior to shutting it down.
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