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Hi all, hodge podge of questions. I think a few kick only guys have wondered this.

1. Considering adding an electric start on to my 48 Pan (it's not really original anymore so no evil omen stuff I don't think). Is this doable? Besides the obvious addition or the starter, solenoid, relay and switch/wiring issues, what else needs to be added / changed?

2. Zenith Bendix now on bike, considering going to a Super E like my Angelface has on her Shovelhead. Is there an appreciable gain from spending the 500.00?

3. My 48 Pan has STD heads (verified), everything I read for replacement pipes refers to 3 bolt STD heads (exhaust), mine is only a single bolt STD exhaust head. Is that an early version of the head?

The bike runs STRONG, now that I've got the carb / float issue hashed out. Also, it is bored +.020", that's another reason I'm considering the Super E. The current carb is a 40mm Zenith / Bend.
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