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Stock 883 wanting to use the N4

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I have a stock 883 2004 and I can't find a definite answer if the Andrews N4 will work.there site said needs head modifications but when I wrote them an email I haven't heard a thing .does anybody know if that can will work.any info would be appreciated
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The N4 is for '91 - '99 not '04.
The web site said it will fit but need to check exhaust valve clearance... I called Andrews they said it will fit but check the exhaust valve clearance. I read on here that people have installed them with no problem
Don't put them in, until you are ready to remove heads and check valve to piston clearance. And are prepared to clearance the piston tops, if need be.
That # 4 grind wants a bit more compression.
Stiffer springs might be in order too.
I'm wondering why the OP wants hotter cams in a stock engine ? At least add a high flow AC and exhaust to the mix. IMO
The quickest, most effective use of the perfomance dollars would be to take that 3" bore engine, and increase it to a 3 1/2" hole.:thumbsup
BTW, it sheds about 8 1/2 lbs. off the bike as well.
I am punching it out ..I do have a high flow ac and drag pipes and an adjustable ignition. I am adding the n4 can and a 30t front belt sprocket
You planning on bringing the heads along to match the rest of the upgrade?:)
I'm looking at screaming eagle heads but not sure if I can afford all the upgrades all at once
If you want that to really rip, a set of re-worked Buell Thunderstorm castings.:thumbsup
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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