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StreetBob Rear Light Issue

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My names Lee and yesterday i picked up a stunning gloss black 2009 Streetbob.

Ive posted in the newbie section if you want to read more about me :)

I do have an issue with the bike which was pointed out to me after i had done the 60 mile round trip to collect her and that is that the LED brake light doesnt work.
The tail light is on but if i pull the front brake or step on the rear it doesnt light up. Can anybody shed some light on it (excuse the pun)

Im thinking maybe a loose connector or something?, she sure does shake at a standstill so maybe that could cause a loosening somehwere?

Any info would be greatly appreciated brother and sisters.

PS, pics will soon be posted when i work out how to do it haha.

Many thanks
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Do your turn signals flash? I have an 09 bob. I blew a turn signal fuse before and it killed the brake light. The running lights would still work though. If it's not a blown fuse and neither hand or foot brake lights the brake light, then you probably do have a loose connection.
Thanks for your response Odin,

Turn signals are fine, becasue i only bought it last night im not sure if it had any issues before.

I called the original owner up this morning and he did seem genuinely surprised.

I will check the fuses tonight (where abouts are they pal?)

Many thanks
The fuse panel is on the left side of the bike under the seat. Pull the wrinkle black cover straight towards you. There are no screws or clips. The fuse in question is the lower right mini fuse.

Also, when you hit either brake lever, do your rear turn signals get brighter? The rear signals are run-brake-turn on street bobs.
make sure it's a correct LED bulb too. some dont work like a dual filament brake light bulb, some do.
First thing I would do is replace bulb. Try a standard buld and see if it works. Might just be a blown bulb.
Thanks for your replies to date.

Because its an 09 model its an LED sealed unit so i cant just change the bulb, the dealer wants £350 for a new unit which is crazy.
Ive checked all connections and wiring and can find no issues there and ive sprayed the brake light switches with WD40 (i read on another thread that this could help) to no avail.

Indicators work fine...

Changed the 15 amp fuse, still nothing.

i read somewhere else it may need a BCM module reset but im at a loss at the moment.

Ive got it booked in with the dealer to have a look tomorrow, i guess either way its gonna work out expensive, not how i planned to spend my time with a new to me bike!!
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On the 09 bob, your rear turn signals should brighten when you apply the brakes. Do they? If they do, then you most likely have an issue with the brake light unit, or a connection to it. If the rear turn signals do not brighten when you apply the brakes then the problem will be further from the brake light unit. I put a 2014 rear fender on mine and did away with the taillight.
Just a quick update for you all.

It turned out it was the rear light, was supposed to be £350 but the dealer gave us a discount and we got it for £290.

If it ever breaks again i will convert it to a regular light instead of LED.
Too bad you didn't know sooner. I have one sitting in storage I would have sold much cheaper!
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