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Sturgis 2018

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So I just started thinking. And that usually costs me money!

I'll turn 50 in 2018. Thinking I might start planning my first trip to Sturgis for that year. Seems like one of the most important expenses is lodging. Does anyone know how far in advance I could make reservations? I'm too old to be sleeping on the ground so I'll be looking for a basic hotel/motel or a cool cabin.

Thank you!

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I'll be turning 41 later that year. Seems like a Good reason to tag along.
Well in spite of you reminding me how much younger you are, you are more than welcome!

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Don't quote me on this, but I believe lodging goes on sale right after the rally or not long after.

The smart way seems to be getting a solid group together and renting a cabin or multi bedroom house and splitting the cost. From friends that have went there they say it runs around 2-3k for a 7 or 8 day stay.
Do they let you stay for only 2-3 days or do they require a weeklong stay?

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I've never been out there. I'm just relaying what others have told me they did. I would think the cabins and such want a full rally commitment though.
Probably. I know there is plenty of info on this site. I'll do some searching. Thanks for the help.

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I have reserved a room in Spearfish , 20 minutes away, 16 months in advance for 2015. Sturgis was already sold out. On most hotel websites I think it was 3 night minimum.
Going this year!!! Made reservations before last year Sturgis. Used the airbnb.com website. Homes and cabins generally have a week minimum. We have a 5 bedroom outside of Rapid City, for $6K. for the week.
If they would let you do it I would make them at least 2 years ahead of time. Try to get something within walking distance of most of the action or plan on taking a shuttle. Staying in a near by town is fine if you are not a drinker, but if you are partying, be careful. There are cops everywhere.
I have stayed the last 2 years in Spearfish guests of Black Hills State University. Spearfish is 10-15 minutes from Main Street, Sturgis. They rent out their dorm rooms. $400 for 5 nights double occupancy. The university rolls out the red carpet and it is O.K. It ain't the Hilton, but its clean. Away from the campgrounds and partying. They even have a kick ass breakfast buffet each day for $9.00. Lots of nice people call it home for the rally. Here is the link to the info.

BHSU Residence Life - Sturgis Rally
Good tip, thank you.

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What about RV spots? Is there a map showing RV campgrounds? I may be lucky enough to have some friends willing to drive my truck and pull my trailer so i can ride.
I retired on July 31, 2013 at 63 yrs old and headed to Sturgis on Aug 1st, the next day. It was my first trip. We stayed at the Rafter J Bar Ranch/Campground in Hill City, SD. They have cabins with and without shower and bathroom, and camping and RV sites. And quiet. Yeah, it's a little way from Sturgis but a very easy ride to Mt. Rushmore, Needles Hwy, and Custer State Park. The rates are reasonable, the place is nice, clean, and the hosts are very friendly and accommodating. I would definitely stay there again. We are not partiers that want to stay in the heart of Sturgis. The riding is absolutely incredible. Take advantage of the local volunteer fire departments and churches for breakfast and whatever they offer to eat. Rafter J Bar did not require any full rally commitment for stays, in fact we had to move to a cabin without a bath for one night, and we only stayed 3 nights.
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