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Suspension, Bigger rear Tire, Or Me??

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Ok guys I have a question. I have been very used to riding DGs Wideglides and softtails. This Streetglide I have is my first bagger. It seems to me that at high speeds my bike tends to swing very wide on even long sweeping turns, so is this due to my riding ability or should I get a wider than stock rear Tire or will tightening up my suspension help some? Any Ideas? :feedback:
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I went from a softail to a ultra classic and did not really notice any handling problems at highway speeds during left or right hand curves.
You should be able to lay into the turns and almost touch the crash bar takes practice.
Is it possible your just not quit using the bike, it`s abilities, to their fullest potential?
Maybe in the back of your mind you think because it`s a Bagger it just is`t as capable?
Yes you guys are right. I went riding with my brothers and several of them pointed out the same thing actually ones very tactfull comment was "Shit Rick you paid all that scratch to turn that bike into a beast and your riding it like you think it cant handle a turn!! Shit brother don't be scared becouse its a bagger!!Its a powerful bitch and it will lean just the same as your Dyna and its got twice the engine so RIDE THE FREEKIN THING!!" LOL so ya I have started bieng a little less timid in my leaning and powering through the turns and the problem has gone away. Its funny how we can ride Harleys for so long "almost 20 years for me" and when we go to a differant style of bike we have noob problems.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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